Love For All Album Release – Dance/Electro – Justin Mayer feat Various Artists

Love For All Album Release

Love For All

Released: February 4, 2013 and Published by Wet West Records.


Love For All Album Release

Millenial Queer Girl Spunk & Angst

Love For All is the second release from Justin Mayer. An 11 song album which is most accurately described as millennial queer girl spunk and angst.┬áLove For All is dance and electro in addition to female vocals. It is based on a polyamorous person being cheated on in a monogamous relationship. Therefore it is made with the idea of openness and honesty in a modern relationship. Due to Justin being straight and Male, Love For All utilizes a female’s voice to spread its message and made similar to a Pop Team Pop Producer Style Album. This is often done by a female singer singing a male songwriters lyrics while performing using a Producers Music Backing Tracks.

Move On

We are still living in a time when these things are taboo and private so Love For All is designed to promote discussion and acceptance. It is for anyone who has been lied to and cheated on. It is designed to help people move on and be happy.

More Than Words

Love For All is an album saying more than the words that you hear. It’s also meant to touch on the societal dynamic of polyamory and monogamy. Not an overly wordy album it is meant to be a light fun take on relationship and love and therefore great cruising music.

Dance Beats

Love For All takes a small departure from Justin Mayer’s 1st release in a few ways. Focusing on a smoother sound it has more poly synthesized instruments and uptempo dance beats. It also has some slower R&B like jams yet they don’t take away from the vibe of the album. Since these songs are seamed together it helps to provide a better listening experience. Full of soaring pads and a heavy low end, Love For All gets subwoofers and tweeters moving. Add in Justin’s renowned drums and Love For All is sure to get heads nodding. Sprinkle in simple repetitive female vocals and large catchy hooks, and another gem is here. Get the goods.