Aged So Fine Album Release – Modern Traditional Money Game Art – Justin Mayer

Aged So Fine Album Release

Aged So Fine Album Release

Release date: February 4, 2019 and Published by Wet West Records.

Aged So Fine Album Release

Modern Traditional Money Game Art

Aged So Fine is the 5th Solo Release from Justin Mayer. A 17 song album which is most accurately described as Modern Traditional Money Game Art. Aged So Fine is a mix of Mid-Tempo and Up-Tempo songs in the Pop realm. This album is a very diverse and dynamic mix of HipHop flows and Singing. This is carried throughout the verses and hooks as well the background vocals. His most commercial album to date, the usual contrasting and balancing content is more subtly sprinkled throughout.

Love Trending

Since the overall tangent of the album is of the Money Game, there is significantly less focus on social commentary, and the Art within can be found in a different way. While the focus is of Money, the always present talking to and of Women and Girls is very much prominent. Once again moving away from his last album The Great Escape, Aged So Fine trends more towards Love and Monogamy as opposed to outright audacious sexuality.


Another fascinating point of interest is Aged So Fine’s seemingly Religious angle. As has happened in some of Justin’s past work, after some point, he chooses to lay back from previous choices and decisions and instead offers a show of peace. While not Religious, some use of it to create imagery in a positive manner to better reflect himself and his life and choices is noticeable on this album.


A blending of traditional instruments in a virtual environment with the Piano as the lead instrument is the main sound and style of Aged So Fine. Bring in some lighter poly synthesized sounds and the usual banging beats and Aged So Fine is a modern marvel of cohesive elements not normally heard together.

Producer Style

Justin’s voice is also noticeably different on this album in comparison to a lot of his past work and this seems to signify a general change in direction. A smoother sound all around comes sparkling through with Aged So Fine. A very robust production style highlights some rehashing and modernizing of some old 50s and 60s producer styles.

Singles Galore

As always a lot of singles and big catchy hooks can be found throughout. Along with his improved production, an educated and developed flow and writing style help to set Aged So Fine as his best work to date. Just enough Art can be found throughout to balance out the aggressive commercial and money aspect of this album.

For those who have followed Justin Mayer, you all know that it was certainly time for this album to be made by him.

His body of work is now truly Aged So Fine.


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