Inside Circuits Album Cover Artwork & Track List

Inside Circuits Album Cover. 1st Concept 1st Mock-Up.

This album has been pseudo released and is likely to come out in 2020, for a licensing platform I created, with little to no fan fare. Yet it will be a more comprhensive album and a greater work of Art than basically any major label album that comes out from any of your favorite stars.

And while I am aware that people only like what they are fans of and saying any of this will turn people off and get their backs up, it quite frankly is the stark and real truth!

Those major label albums, those stars, its just a team game with the so called star sold across the globe as some deified God of talent, that would have zero chance without their big team and money, zero chance…

Back Street Boys barely broke, and that was with con men scammers and millions and millions and some of the best producers around, and they barely became known, barely…

These people are mostly dancers, some can sing, and every last one of them needs a producer like me with the ability to whip them up a catchy relatable song…

And while there is good money producing for those people, ultimately I cant see myself blowing smoke up their ass for a paycheque, all to be demenaed and treated like shit by the same industry Id be making tons of money for, and since its so hyper competitive because everyone thinks there is so much money in music, the risks I would have had to take to be their producer, was too much for me to do…

So I don’t play the fan or sale game, because its a setup, a scam and a game where the tables are significantly tipped in one direction, meaning it isnt worth it to bother…

Album Cover Designed by True Mint Blueprints.

Final version to come.

Justin Mayer Inside Circuits
Justin Mayer Inside Circuits

Inside Circuits

Side A

01. Ride Along
02. No Compromise
03. Steady Keeping
04. My Mojito Magneto
05. What You Mean
06. No Makeup
07. Float Away
08. Come See Me
09. New DaDa
10. Touch Too
11. Sippin Drink Sippin
12. New Shades On
13. No Way No Bueno
14. Four Leaf Clover
15. Ta Da-Da-Da!
16. Hands Off
17. This Ain’t The Old Me

Side B

18. I Came Back
19. Like Clockwork
20. Peace To You
21. Ya Heard!
22. Already Cocked It
23. Stand I’m On
24. Still Breathing
25. How I Take It
26. It’s Right Here
27. Get The Scoop
28. Viva Voci
29. No Oompa
30. Steady At My Mind
31. Superexestential
32. No Love Sindustry
33. Dance With The Devil

BONUS It Wasn’t Easy