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Hi Friend,


Welcome to my website and thank-you for taking an interest in learning more aboout me...

I was someone always tabbed for success, earmarked for it, pushed to be a star and just go be famous...

Sadly that never worked out for me...

I achieved and attained some levels of success in various fields, but was never able to get anywhere before my health crashed...

You can look right, or scroll down, to check out some of my achievements..

For the last 12 years I have been dealing with a severe auto-immune disease...

Normally I wouldn't say anything about it, as the World we live in doesn't reward being sick or unhealthy, it generally just tosses you aside or takes you out back and shoots you dead!

You know those people, who crowd around some rich famous guy, and then leave him dead to the World when he loses most to all of his fortune...

Not much different happened to me...

So I have basically been dead for 12 years, and am lucky to be alive...

I still look good and nobody would really know I'm sick or dealing with a bad disease, but sadly it is the reality...

I always wanted to keep it a secret...

Now that I have that out of the way, for anyone still reading, I currently wear way too many hats...

I was not born rich, I have had to grind, scratch, claw, hustle and do anything I could to make money in my life...

Here are the things I have been in my life to make money:

• Entrepreneur

• Music Producer & Recording Artist

• Consultant

• Marketer

• Graphic Designer

• Web Designer

• Sales Co-Ordinator(selling plywood/lumber)

• Pro Golfer

• Golf Professional

• Construction

• Driver

• Mover

• Landscape Labourer

• Matter

• Bus Boy


You could call me an entrepreneur at the momnent, however I am not one of those on Dragons Den. I am not out and about all day long wheeling and dealing. I am someone who is smart and creative and can come up with tons of ideas to make money. This spurred me to starting a company. Which in turn got me thinking of ways to make money. Which ultimately got me creating and branding companies. I guess I either really had fun or kept coming up with ideas I wanted to see through...

This got me creating a small conglomerate, which I made into a holding company....

But because Im not Richard Branson or on Dragons Den or making billions and trillions of dollars, most people don't see me as an entrepreneur...

I'm not even sure I want to be one...

I just want to make good clean money and am crossing my fingers legitimate people who arent criminals can actually still make a lot of money in this World...

Fingers crossed...

Sure life isnt all about money but when you lose your health you learn a few things...

That you are mostly alone on this spinning planet in the middle of nowhere...

And that if you dont put the money in the bank yourself, nobody else will.

And with what happened to me in the music industry, I became extremely motivated and lonely as hell...

Before being an entrepreneur I was a recording artist and music producer for many years...

The sickness of that industry gave me that feeling of being all alone and completely on my own in life...

Before music I was really into Golf...

But the golf industry didnt pay enough and I was more interested in playing so after 4 years in the golf biz I got out and worked a sales jon in order to play golf and make music...

Now I am being an entrepreneur, wearing too many hats, not feeling or being treated like an entrepreneur, but pressing forward none the less...

Thanks for reading!




Justin Mayer

Here are some of my achievements.

Durham College – Design Foundations
Durham College – Business

My 1st Business Venture survived 9 Years. Statistics Canada states 86% of businesses within the same industry fail to survive to their 9th year. If not for a change in partnership, a relocation and a desire to rebrand, it would still be surviving.


Produced, Composed & Performed at the 2011 Western Canadian Summer Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Nominated for a 2009 & 2010 BC Interior Music Award in the Urban/Dance Category. (The only times I entered any awards)

Produced, Composed & Performed Music that has received Commercial & College Radio Play.

MTV’s New Years Eve Bash
Jersey Shore
Joan & Melissa
Running Russell Simmons
All On The Line
Brooklyn 11223
Rhett & Link

Advertising Campaigns
Red Bull Media House
S&M Bikes
Rip Curl


2008 Spalding Cup Champion
2006 Spalding Cup Championship Flight Low Gross Winner

Member of Program Advisory Board at Durham College
Member of Durham College golf team
1st at 2001 St. Clair Invitational
– 2nd 2001 OCAA Championship
– 3rd 2002 Club De Golf Quebec Championship
– 5th 2002 OCAA Championship
– 11th 2002 CCAA Championship

2001 & 2002 MVP

2001 All Ontario Team
– 2nd 2004 Vernon Golf & CC Pro-Am

1st 2018 Gorge Vale Mixed Scramble

(I have some other strong results that I have yet to add)


Senior Business Award
Senior Mathematics Award
Creative English 8 Award
Passport to Education (Honours achieved every semester)
Captain of senior golf and basketball teams
Grade 11 & 12 Basketball Leading Scorer
Grade 11 & 12 Golf Low Gross Leader
Tournaments: AL Fortune All-Star, Westsyde Whundas MVP, CSS Raiders MVP, 2nd Team All-Star OVSAA, Provincial Championship Game Star & Tournament Team Leading Scorer.

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